How can you help?

HSSH & CC carries out a large number of educational activities aimed at the ignorant rural population. In order to make these programmes a success, widespread community participation is essential. We invite you to join our educational activities. We readily welcome any suggestions/comments. Contact us to know more about our educational activities.

  • Join the fight against Cancer
    Hakim Sanaullah Cancer Centre has launched a campaign to curb on the menace of smoking- a Tobacco Free Kashmir. We invite you to campaign with us, and help us bring an end to this menace. You can start with yourselves, your own family and friends. Quit smoking and don’t let others smoke in public places or at home amongst children and family- passive smoking is deadlier than active smoking. To get more information on our effort, contact us.
  • Work With Us
    HSSH & CC conducts several camps in rural areas. We would love to have you working with us as part of our team. As a non medico, you can join in as a volunteer. We welcome any suggestions. Do get in touch with us to get our camp schedules.
  • Donate
    A list of equipment precedes this discussion. HSSH & CC, currently does not have the resources to procure all this equipment. We are going to need help, Your Help. HSSH & CC is a unit of the Helpkash India Charitable Society, a registered NGO (t). To get more information on how you can donate in cash or kind, please contact us.


  • Educate the Masses
    Doctors have an essential role to play in educating the community. HSSH & CC recognizes this role and invites Doctors and medical students to its Health Education Programmes.
  • Work with Us
    The region is in need of dedicated and motivated doctors, who believe in reaching out to the population. HSSH & CC, invites such doctors to conduct clinics/procedures at our institution. If you are travelling in from outside J & K for a short period, then you can consider doing a camp with us. To get in touch with us click here.
  • Donate
    The list of priority needs goes on increasing as new health problems emerge. Working on a no profit – no loss basis, and following an economic model, conscious of the financial constraints of the rural population- prevent us from carrying out large scale expansions. For these we will need help-your help.
    HSSH & CC is a unit of the Qudsiyya Health Care and Education Trust a charitable trust, registered with the Government of J&K. To find out how you can donate contact us.

We Look forward to your participation. And All Praise is for Allah, to Whom all service is due…